Our mission is to help young children in the early stages of their development to learn the necessary lessons that will prepare them for school as well as life. We would also like to identify areas of challenges and bring solutions


The vision of 10 Hour Care Daycare Center is to provide excellent childcare services to the parents of the community; and to join quality with care and love combined with education, growth, and developmental tools to help each child succeed and to grow to become the person God has destined them to be.


Our goal is to assist each child in their growth and development process. Also in receiving social, emotional, and developmental-appropriate practical processes, and to prepare them to receive an education with delay. We also believe it is important to help each child realize how much Jesus loves them!


Our purpose is to provide quality childcare to each child and change their lives one by one with the help of Jesus Christ. Our principles are biblically based and it is our foundation of learning.

My husband Mark, and I started our daycare in our home in 2005. At the time it seem like the right thing to do and we felt the leading of the Lord. My husband would always say that his mother (Mrs. Bettye) took care of everyone’s children in the neighborhood so it just seemed natural. We as a family ran our daycare in our home for six years. We discovered that we were impacting and changing the lives of families through Christ’s love and our dedication to helping them develop and grow.  We would always have full shifts with requests to expand.  We finally expanded to our new centers.  It is a joy to serve all the families that come to our centers.

Infant Care

We provide care to infants 2 weeks old to 11 months. We assist in their development and growth process and prepare them for their next stage of life.

Toddler Care

Our toddler programs for younger and older toddler assist them in their development process to help them stay on track in their growth process.

PreK 3-5

Our preschool program assist in the development process coupled with the funshine express curriculum to keep them on track in their growth process.

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